Saturday, May 21, 2016


Fucking cats are, these two in particular, they work as a team.

They are sisters. the two from the last batch born under the house at the old place that the wife just haaaaaad to keep.

Little assholes is what they are.

The black one is a pretty little cat but they are both spoiled fucking rotten and whine incessantly to either come in the house or go outside,or both, at the same damn time.
They throw a fit if you don't jump right the fuck up too. Loudly.

Like I said, little assholes. They are also prolific little hunters.
The front porch had two dead shrews on it yesterday, I just got woke up by yet another one of these yowling motherfucking cats around here and went out back to have a smoke and here they are, fucking with a mouse that ain't dead yet.
The yowling was coming from another serious asshole cat because that is his gimmick. He is a very loud asshole also, loud enough to wake you up in the bedroom from across the house at night.
He could see these other two murderous felines right out the sliding door fucking with the mouse and couldn't stand it.

I couldn't see what the hell was going on when I first went out there because the other two were hunched over the poor fucking thing at the moment.

The second I opened the door, the big black yowling sonofabitch dived past me and snatched up the mouse and started to turn around and head back in the house with it!

Fuuuuck, YOU Kitty!

I yelled at the sonofabitch and he dropped it, that also startled the the two and they all three rocketed past me back into the house and the food bowl.

I don't know how bad the little mouse is but I'm not seeing a bunch of blood, his tail is looking a little ragged though.

He ran into the corner of the cement pad and the foundation shivering convulsively, you can see that black and white one with it's nose buried in the corner after I got a stick and made the mouse crawl up on it . I carried him over and let him go underneath the wooden deck.It was quite near scared to death.

Them two cats were all over that corner for a while after I let them back out hunting for the fucking thing. Both of those pictures were taken while they were going back and forth looking for that mouse again.

They stay out all night killing shit, pretty much every night lately.

That would be small furry critter number six here in the last week and a half as far as I know.

The little bastards don't stand a chance around here with these two teaming up like that.

It's good they are keeping the rodent population in check, I just wish they would find someplace else to leave the little corpses instead of right in front of the doors.

Instead of going back to sleep like I should have, I made some coffee. There is a bunch of activity going on around here later.
After I got a cup I went back outside to enjoy it and have another smoke while there is still some peace and quiet around here.
Bigger than shit, here's those two cats hunched over the edge of the concrete, pawing at something again.
The little fuckers went back out there and found that damn mouse again!

I gave up, not your day mouse.
Jeeze,them two cats have amazing sniffers on them,and they are relentless.


Anonymous said...

Cats are assholes, but just think of those rats / mice chewing on your vehicle wiring assemblies. Wife's trike had mice do exactly that - $1900 repair bill. Yes, insurance helped but still had to pay the deductible. Just consider their noise a rat tax, that should help.

Anonymous said...

pets often reflect the behavior of their owners


Anonymous said...

I'd rather have a rat or a mouse as a pet than a fucking cat.

idahobob said...

I don't have any fucking cats at my home. The DW would like one, but.......hell no!

We have a dog, German Shepherd.


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