Thursday, March 31, 2016

It's Official

I typed that headline with my teeth firmly clenched together because I received my Concealed Pistol permit in the mail today.

Official indeed, I'm on yet another list and having to get permission from the government to protect myself in the first place generally chaps my ass.

On the bright side, I get to go holster shopping now, maybe even new pistol to go in the new holster while shopping.
I'm thinking a .45 might be a bit much for EDC and there is no concealing a six shooter .38 Special with a five inch barrel.

I do have a tiny little .22 Semi Auto but I would have to get lucky trying to hit the side of a large barn with it from ten feet away.

Decisions, decisions.
I'm not a big Semi Auto pistol kind of guy, they can be a pain in the ass. Maybe a nice short barreled revolver with a decent set of grips.

Less moving parts and simple. I like simple.


  1. If you don't like autos, then I'd pass on them. You should have confidence in whatever you decide to carry. If you like revolvers, go with that - plenty of people have done so and lived to tell the tale. The two advantages of autos or revolvers is flatter profile and faster reloading. Nothing much can be remedied of revolver cylinder thickness but the reloading issue is if your problem isn't solved with what is loaded, you need to get the Hell out of there - pronto. Most shootings only involve three or less shots anyway.

    Go for an older S&W, they are a quality made product and you can often find used .38 / .357 compact revolvers for less than $400. If less cost is required, look for a 1st Gen Charter Arms Undercover or Bulldog.

    Good luck with your searches for firearm and holster.

  2. Always been a big fan of Rugers. I know you don't like autos, but check out the Ruger LCP. Great little pocket gun.

    By the way, NH is a must issue state. A 4 year permit costs $10.

    1. Washington is a "Shall Issue" state, $53, finger prints and a background check.
      It took a couple of weeks to get it in the mail, I was expecting six.

  3. Even though you do not particularly like semi's, look at Glocks. Simple, tough, and all you have to do is point and shoot.

    Get some training, bro. Practice, practice, practice. You just never know when your time will come. Be prepared.

    Too bad you don't live here in Idaho. We now have Constitutional carry. No permit needed.


  4. Congrats go to a range that rents shoot several before you decide. I prefer revolvers I carry a judge but lust for a charter arms bulldog. The Ruger P90 is the only auto that felt like part of my hand.

  5. Before you dismiss autos completely, have a look at SIG's 238 and 938 line. They're like mini 1911s.

    especially the 938 SAS version. It has all the corners rounded so it for ease of draw when carried.

    OTOH, if autos are out of the picture and you're concerned about the concealing a revolver, take a look at Bond Arms

    They make Derringers with a trigger guard, something I find appealing...

    Lastly my opinion, worth every cent your paying for it, get something you're comfortable with AND will practice with. If you're not comfortable and/or won't practice with it, you might as well save the money and not carry.

    Hope this helps,

  6. Ran across this at the Smith & Wesson Forum. Police trade in 640 revolver in .357:

    S&W forum link for commentary from the members:

    1. That's pretty much along the lines I am thinking, a bit pricey though.

      I have always liked Ruger products too, I'll be looking into some of those also. There is no hurry on a new pistol just yet. A decent holster for my Taurus will be my first priority.

    2. Nothing wrong with Ruger, rugged and reliable. They are the Ford Pick-ups of revolvers.

      I prefer the Smiths. More refined and just as reliable, like a Mercedes Benz.

      There is a place for both in this world.

    3. Woohoo! Another brother in arms. Good on ya.
      I have a Taurus hammerless .357 snubby I load with 38 +p JHPs. Very easy to conceal and simple too. I also carry a .45 auto at times. Whatever floats your boat. maxx

  7. Glock Model 30. baby 45. fits everywhere reeeeal nice. on the other hand, I named my German Shepherd Ruger after my P90. My theory is that if it comes to throwing rocks I want to throw BIG ones! heh

    1. The Wife said to throw in a good word for her .380 Colt Mustang Plus II. I carry I go fishing. It's easily concealed and makes a great little snake gun. No matter how big the snake.

  8. Stuck here in Northern Ca. I ended up getting a Glock 22 40 cal. Can't get the Gen 4's here. Nice and easy to use and you can change out the barrel and mag to 9 mm fairly cheap. Got it to travel back home to Alabama where gun laws are more forgiving.

    1. WE have GUN laws here ???? Who knew

  9. S&W J frame snubby will slip into your front pocket. I suggest a pocket holster. keeps the grip handy. .45 try a CCO. both at the hip a CCO appears more concealable

  10. Single stack Smith & Wesson Shield front pocket in a pocket holster 9mm or 40. Before you buy a ruger you should search you tube for "Ruger SR 9 Jam"

  11. auto: Ruger SR9c, comes an extended 17 rnd. mag for practice, has a 10 rnd. for carry
    Revolver: check out the EAA Windeicator 2inch snubby . . . I've owned 2, awesome little revolvers!

    Okie Phil

  12. I have a great .357/38 Special S&W N-frame Model 28-2 that I'd love to carry but the long barrel is a bitch to draw from a belt holster. So I did a bit of research and came up with a Rossi in the same caliber. It has a 2" barrel and isn't as pretty as the Smith but it's built like an anvil. Since most "social" shooting is done at less than 20 feet, it manages to put the bullets in a dinner-plate sized area.
    My wife has a Taurus .357/38 Spec. because she has small hands. It seems to be a bit more accurate than the Rossi but at 20 feet it just hits a saucer rather than a plate. Either will do just fine.


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