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Gas It

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Throw The Book At Him

First for beating a little girl in the head with anything but especially for abusing bacon!
That shit just ain't right!

Dad accused of hitting daughter over the head with frozen bacon



BAY CITY, MI — A Hampton Township dad is facing a felony after reportedly beating his daughter with frozen bacon.

According to an affidavit in court records, police believe 45-year-old Jonathan A. Powell on Saturday, Jan. 9, "did knowingly or intentionally cause physical harm to" his 11-year-old daughter. Powell did this by hitting her over the head numerous times with frozen bacon and by pushing her, which caused her to trip over an open dishwasher door and hit her head on a chair, the affidavit states.

Hampton Township Police Lt. Michael Wedding said police became involved in Sunday, Jan. 10, when the girl was returned to her mother after spending the weekend with Powell. The mother called police to report abuse, Wedding said.

A police officer spoke with the girl, who had a bruise on her left cheek, Wedding said. The officer later interviewed Powell, who denied any wrongdoing.

Powell told police he was in his kitchen boiling water when his daughter came into the room to get something. She fell backward over the open dishwasher door and received her bruise that way, Powell told police, according to Wedding.

Authorities issued a warrant for Powell's arrest Tuesday, Jan. 19. The next day, he appeared in Bay County District Court for arraignment on one count of third-degree child abuse. The charge is a felony punishable by up to two years' imprisonment.

Here is a pic of the alleged bacon/kid abuser.

Bad boy, Johnny.

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