Friday, January 8, 2016

This Is How Fucked In the Head These ISIS Musloids Are

One of these barbaric cocksuckers shot and killed his own mother because they told him to.

How about we have some of these sonsabitches move into Washington DC if these politician motherfuckers want them here so badly?

An Islamic State militant carried out a public "execution" of his mother because she asked him to leave the group, activists say.

Ali Saqr, 21, killed his mother, Lena al-Qasem, 45, outside the post office in Raqqa, Syria, eyewitnesses said.

Raqqa has served as IS' de facto capital since the group captured the city in August 2013.

IS does not tolerate any dissent and imposes brutal punishments, often carried out in public.

The UK-based monitoring group, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) and the activist group Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently reported the incident.

Lena al-Qasem had reportedly told her son that the US-led military alliance fighting IS would "wipe out" the group, and tried to convince him to leave the city with her.

Her son is then said to have informed the group of her comment, and they ordered her killed.

Ali Saqr is reported to have shot her outside the post office where she worked, in front of hundreds of people.

There is only one way to deal with fanatical assholes like these, ask the Japanese how it worked out for them.


  1. The ones that are MORE fucked are the ones that keep saying this has nothing to do with Islam EVEN WHEN THE SCUMBAG PERPS SAY IT WWSVWHAT MOTIVATED THEM! Case in point. The guy that just shot the cop in Philly.

  2. Sad to say, but after watching most of a beheading video I don't get very excited about what them sum'bitches do to each other. It's a way of life for those barbarous fucktards. If you're born in a shit hole you might grow up to be a tumblebug. It ain't your fault you were born a tumblebug, but roll shit in that shithole you will. just like all the other tumblebugs in the shithole. As long as they only get their shit on each other - hey! No harm no foul. amirite? but ... if and When them that's LEFT start joining UP, though, when Sunni and Shia aren't fighting each other but looking at all, YA'LL,(heh) INFIDELS .... then yeah, mos' def'. I'm sendin' in in Major T. J. "King" Kong!
    keep kickin' ass, 'knucks


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