Saturday, January 23, 2016

Sure, Why Not? Everything Else Is In The Toilet

Holy crap, if you want a prime example of what is going on in the world economy right now head down to your local metal recycling center with a load of scrap and get a wake up call.

I have started on the triage around here of all the crap I have collected and took some stuff down that I really didn't want to get rid of but was heavy as fuck. It wasn't taking up a whole lot of room but every square inch counts at this point, I think I cleared up a whopping four square feet of floor space but like I said, the shit was heavy.

I had the kid help me get it in the back of the El Camino and it immediately squatted all the way down to the snubbers but the recycling joint is only about a mile and a half away from here.
You ready for this?

1200 pounds of scrap metal netted me a whopping $7.35.

The economic melt down hasn't even gotten started yet but this is an indicator of just how bad it is already.
When scrap metal goes under $10 a ton, usually there is a severe recession going on.


  1. $18/ton here just outside of Chicago as of Friday. A year ago was $95/ton....

  2. metal prices have gone to crap! You must have had iron and steel mostly,and if its mixed,like in electric motors or such,its worth even less.Copper and aluminum are the only things worth taking in anymore.

  3. My scrap pile is growing. It is not worth the trip.

  4. The brother of the guy that owns the company I work for is in the scrap business. He isn't paying anything for steel right now. You can dump all you want, but for free. He loses money hauling it the 150 miles to his buyers.
    Copper, brass, and aluminum are the only things keeping him in business right now. He's third generation in the biz and says it's the worst market he's ever seen.


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