Friday, October 30, 2015

Portland OR News Headline: "Armed posse patrols at Vancouver homeless camp"

I bet they have an arsenal too!

Scary stuff kiddies, be afraid of those people with guns.
That's pretty much what that headline screams.
No matter that they are trying to protect some of our communities most vulnerable people from some low life scumbags who have been preying on them because the police won't.
VANCOUVER, Wash. – An armed posse has arrived at a homeless encampment to help keep the peace after homeless people complained about mischief and crime.

The posse isn’t composed of the police, however.

In Washington it is legal to carry a firearm out in the open. And it’s legal to walk down the street. Putting those two things together is what a group of men are doing to keep the homeless campers from getting hurt.

Carol, while sitting outside her tent Wednesday, said she feels lucky she’s been able to hang on to things like her wheelchair.

“I’m surprised nobody’s taken it from me, because I’ve had my wheelchair taken from me before,” she said.

Theft is pretty common at the campsite that’s doubled in size in the past week or two. Campers say even more dangerous crime is growing, too.

“Rape, the homeless women. The homeless vets are being assaulted and hurt,” said Brian Brubaker with the United Patriots of Washington.

His group patrolled the blocks surrounding Vancouver’s Share House shelter last weekend.

Homeless camper Jesse Wolfy and others said the patrol seemed to do the trick.

“The night when they were here, it was so serene. Everyone was so chilled out,” said Wolfy. “There wasn’t any drama or anything like that. Everything was just taken care of, you know.”

“In addition to being a physical presence, we also brought food and clothing and personal hygiene items for these people,” said Brubaker.

Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt admitted the city doesn’t have a big enough police force to watch the camp night and day. But he thinks the volunteer patrol could do their work without the guns.

The Patriots plan on being this back weekend, just like they were last weekend.

“There will be a presence as long as a presence is needed,” said Brubaker. “Because our veterans and people in need, need to be protected.”

If members of the patrol use their guns and shoot somebody, the law applies to them like to anybody else.

Leavitt said the city is arranging schedules to get more police officers patrolling the west side of town. And the city will start enforcing the new camping ordinance that only lets people camp at night.

Notice the City's reaction, what a bunch of assholes. This is a suburb of Portland even though we are in a different state, so it doesn't surprise me.
Portland is full of sheeple and their news outfits are pretty much all identical when it comes to their biased viewpoints. They aren't the least bit afraid to force feed them to you if you bother to watch their shows either.

People walking around with guns out in the open makes them pee themselves.

It's pathetic and so is the local governments reaction to the homeless problem, again.

Let me tell ya something, there is no shortage of Police officers in Vancouver, they are all over the damn place. I have seen seven car loads of them in front of my house, rousting one guy.
It's a matter of politics and now that their lack of protecting these homeless people has been brought to everyone's attention they damn well will do something about it.

For about a week.

In the mean time, good on these guys for stepping up to the plate.
It warms the cockles of my black little heart knowing that there are Patriots in the hood and it makes me smile knowing that the City of Vancouver does too now.

Heh heh.

The game is on here in The 'Couve, America.


  1. Man, I am glad that I live in the boonies!


  2. Can't have private citizens making the men in blue look bad. Also have to pretend there aren't any homeless either.

  3. Phil notice the homeless citizens aren't scared of gun toting patriots? It seems the only ones scared shitless are the criminals and politicians. My bad I separated them it should read criminalpoliticians .

  4. Hey, VC : I read about the Vancouver "vigilantes" (for lack of a better word) in yesterday's Columbian. And I suppose it is a good thing. But, the Vancouver police, city, county, and state patrol are very meticulous about not issuing tickets to people who park illegally in handicapped zonew, brain-dad idiots blabbering on their cell phones and/or texting, drinking a beer while driving, reading a newspaper, etc. And the City of Vancouver and Clark Coounty are alway whining about not having enough money for their pet projects, but never the essentials. A parking ticket in a handicapped area is worth about $250.00 , as is blabbering or texting on a cell phone.

    Scottiebill, Vancouver, WA

    1. Well hello!
      Good to see a fellow Vancouverite.
      I hear what you are saying. They still pull the same old sneaky speed trap shit all over town though.
      It always amazes me also when I see five to seven of them all lined up behind one car they have pulled over.
      They stalk my neighborhood because I am right at the edge of the Ghetto/Barrio.

      Thanks for stopping in and don't be a stranger!

    2. The cops do not show up in our neighborhood very often - once or twice a month, if that. And on an almost daily basis, I see either a state cop or sheriff's deputy trying to hid behind that wall just south of Lowes In Orchards, where that grade school used to be. People drive by both directions blabbering on their cell phones and/or texting, but the cop hiding there is too busy to even turn on his overhead lights, much less go after them. And, while I am thinking about it, why can't those same cops take a pass through the grocery stores' parking lots to check for handicap placards or license plates in the handicapped areas? maybe because that would be too much extra effort on their part.

      Don't get me wrong - I am not anti-police by any stretch. My #2 son is a retired Montana Highway patrolman with 21 years and is now working security at the Helena VA center. I just would like to see them do their jobs, especially here in Vancouver and Clark County.


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