Sunday, October 25, 2015

Now That Eric Holder Is Gone, DOJ to Focus On Individuals Who Participated In Causing 2008 Financial Crisis.

Someone go ahead and try to tell me that Holder isn't a crooked sonofabitch.
Seven fucking years later and now they say they are going after people.

I call Bullshit from the roof tops.
They should go after Holder for dereliction of duty, obstruction of justice and aiding and abetting an ongoing criminal enterprise first.

DOJ Will Seek to Prosecute Individuals for Their Role in the Crisis

wall-stThe U.S. Department of Justice issued a memo on Thursday containing new guidelines stating that it will pursue the prosecution of individual employees, and not just their companies, for their role in precipitating the financial crisis in 2008.
Many have wondered why the DOJ has not previously made the prosecution of these individuals a priority while the Department has entered into multi-billion dollar settlements with the nation's largest banks in the last two years. The DOJ has settled with JPMorgan Chase (a then-record $13 billion in November 2013), Citi ($7 billion in July 2014), and Bank of America (a record $16.65 billion in August 2014) for selling toxic-mortgage backed securities to investors in the run-up to the crisis.
The memo was sent to all U.S. attorneys general and the rules outlined are effective immediately.
"One of the most effective ways to combat corporate misconduct is by seeking accountability from the individuals who perpetuated the wrongdoing," deputy attorney general Sally Q. Yates wrote in the memo. "Such accountability is important for several reasons: it deters future illegal activity, it incentivizes changes in corporate behavior, it ensures that the proper parties are held responsible for their actions, and it promotes the public's confidence in our justice system."
 You can't tell me that after seven years they don't already know who did what and when.

Jamie Dimon should be seen leaving the country in 3...2...1...

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  1. Isn't there a 7 year Statute of Limitations on fraud?


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