Sunday, July 19, 2015

Anyone Have Wisco Dave's Number?

I need some advice.....

I took these off my back porch two minutes ago, the little bastards are still out there.

My wife throws cat food out for 'em!
I keep telling her she is crazy.

There is a whole family, Momma, Daddy the Douchebag and four kits. I keep a real close eye on that male.One wrong move out of that little asshole and he is a goner.

They are pretty fearless too, they walk right up on the porch like they own the joint and get pretty vicious with each other sometimes but when ever I walk out there they fucking scatter.
They aren't stupid.
I had to sneak up behind the wife to get these pictures.


  1. They are smart and have freaking hands. Your place is now their place. In my humble opnion it's a mistake to feed and encourage them.

    . . . unless you know how to cook them up right . . .

  2. If shooting them is not an option, borrow or buy a live-trap and make a vocation of moving as many as possible as far away as possible. I have found those critters to be very problematic.

    1. against the law to trap and then move,,in my area. against the law to shoot them MY area...
      have to call animal control..and then hope they have the time..and it's a fucking ...well
      (uses colorful milspec terms)

  3. Sir,

    I am looking for his email also...
    I believe knuckledragger knows it; he's not tellin'.
    I used to have Ken's number too...but click click...argh!
    He only lives the next county over and the time he spends in would think I would know better.
    If you find out...PLEASE tell me. I live just in city limits in Sonora most of the time..and the fucking raccoon is driving me ape shit. Big fucker too.
    Eats more than five damn cats (inhereted: hates most cats).


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