Wednesday, June 11, 2014

You Are Not Voting Your Way Out Of This

But getting rid of that fucking snake Eric Cantor has to help.

Cantor is bad news.
He was being groomed to take over after Boehner gets thrown out on his ass and if you think Boehner is bad, Cantor makes him look like the bumbling drunk he is.The guy is a hatchet man through and through.

Cantor is a crafty sonofabitch and is deeply entrenched in the money and power elite or was.
Getting beat by a Tea Party candidate who came out of nowhere despite heavy support and spending just cracks my ass up.

Cantor may be out of office but you can take my word that you will be hearing his name again later.

He will get a spot on the Think Tank gravy train until they figure out their next move.
I guarantee it.


  1. From what I hear the Tea Party candidate is a christian nut job and probably just as bad!

    1. I'm sure he is but.....,
      it's the rotation that we need.
      Get rid of these career politicians. The job was never meant to be a lifetime gig. Reid and McConnell immediately come to mind.
      Get these entrenched motherfuckers out of office, disrupt their agendas and get new faces in there, then vote THEIR asses out!

    2. Most of the founders were christian nut jobs. They did all right.

  2. Eric looked like a younger version of that Liberal ass-licker Harry Reid.


  3. Term Limits, one way or the other.


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