Friday, May 2, 2014

Sticking A Finger In Sauron's Eye

Sauron's Eye in this case being a metaphor for Thermal Imaging, Night Vision or FLIR.

Max Velocity has been developing a thermal barrier tarp for personal use to try and hide one's heat signature from these systems . It looks like just a regular tarp.

Someone put his theory to the test with an inexpensive Mylar "Survival Blanket" mated to an inexpensive tarp against a real world hunter of people, an Apache Attack Helicopter.

The results are pretty amazing, the pilot even knows they are down there.

Max is working on a product that he claims will hide 100% of your heat signature if deployed properly.

I can't wait for his version to come out!

I also hope the man gets filthy rich doing it too.

Original link found at WRSA.

My thanks to the guys over at Western Rifle Shooters Association and Max Velocity for their hard work and dedication.


  1. That is very cool - Thermal imaging and drones scare the crap out of me. An opposing force that have those tools have an advantage and being able to hide from them is good news indeed.

  2. You have to think the Military and Homeland Security are shitting bricks right now.


  3. hiding from thermal is the easy part...making your "cover" the same ambient tempurature is the hard part.If you have a canvas tarp over you,it will cool at a different rate than the surrounding air,making it a big different square temp zone .an Air barrier is the most effective,as it will change with the temp faster

  4. Reading the original results at the bottom, I wonder about the comment about radio signal not being able to be transmitted through mylar. Does that mean the GPS feature on a mobile phone would be blocked out as well ? If that were true, would making a mylar case for your phone (like a eye glass case) by a worthwhile idea so finding you would be much more difficult ?

  5. I worked on thermal imaging systems.

    If you think this will work if someone is hunting you, then you are gonna die.

    Seriously. You can't hide under a CAR if they are using modern infrared systems. they can see your BREATH coming out from under the car.

    You really think a 1/10 inch TARP is gonna hide you?

    I don't believe for a MOMENT that this was an Apache system. Unless it was in daylight when the ambient temp was about 97 degrees, otherwise I call bullshit.

    Ask anyone who knows about thermal imaging.

    1. The ambient temp was in the upper 60s. We did this around 9pm est, yes it's an Apache, believe it or not, that's up to you.


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