Sunday, May 4, 2014

I Think I Finally Hit The Wall

As much and as hard as I have been working for so long I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

I laid here in this recliner all day yesterday and did absolutely fuck all nothing except take multiple naps.

I just woke up from one here a little while ago and as soon as I am done here, I am going to try and go right back to sleep.

Maybe later some spark of energy will flare but I don't care if it does or not right this minute.

The best part was that I had the ringer turned off on my phone and when I picked it up at one point yesterday work had tried to get a hold of me three different times to come in.

Not today.

There are several other people in that maintenance department and a couple of them are those out the fucking door right at quitting time, won't work overtime unless they absolutely have to types.

You can call those motherfuckers in.

Like I said, maybe later but right now I could give a shit about Blogging or anything else.

I am going back to leak testing the inside of my eyelids.


  1. Some days you just need to recharge your batteries!

  2. When my gall bladder went south, I spent almost a week in the hospital. I slept damn near all the time and felt a few more naps would have been nice.


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