Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Brutally Honest And Very Damning Memorandum To President Obama From NSA Insiders On "What Went Wrong".

This is a must read for anyone who has been concerned about the rampant trampling of our Fourth Amendment Protections and an eye opening look from inside the NSA on how they and their political protectors have absolutely misrepresented and covered up their botched intelligence gathering since BEFORE the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001.

How we and especially Congress and the President himself have been lied to, repeatedly.

This is a plea from some former NSA insiders to speak to the President and set the record straight, to point out the lies and to suggest workable fixes to the NSA and it's intelligence gathering techniques.

It is a long read but it points fingers at people that we knew were lying and the politicians who were covering for these liars.

I highly recommend reading this for yourself and bringing it to the attention of other Americans.

It is a rare thing these days for someone to have the integrity and honesty enough to finally try to help make our government work the way it is supposed to and my hat is off to these gentlemen.

Of course their chances of ever getting to sit down with President Obama and go through all of this are about the same as having the winning numbers for next weeks Powerball drawing.

This is why it needs to be disseminated as far and wide as possible, to deny these perpetrators of Constitutional violations the ability to continue to hide behind the lies that have allowed them to trample our rights and help this country slide into a state of absolute tyranny.

Here is the link
and a brief introductory sample of the letter sent to President Obama yesterday.

January 7, 2014


FROM: Former NSA Senior Executives/Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS)

SUBJECT: Input for Your Decisions on NSA


Official Washington – from Senate Intelligence Committee chair Dianne Feinstein to NSA Director Keith Alexander to former Vice President Dick Cheney to former FBI Director Robert Mueller – has been speaking from the same set of NSA talking points acquired recently via a Freedom of Information request. It is an artful list, much of it designed to mislead. Take this one, for example:


At a hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee on October 2, Senator Feinstein showed her hand when she said: “I will do everything I can to prevent this [NSA’s bulk] program from being canceled.” Declaring that 9/11 “can never be allowed to happen in the United States of America again,” Feinstein claimed that intelligence officials did not have enough information to prevent the terrorist attacks.

Mr. President, we trust you are aware that the lack-of-enough-intelligence argument is dead wrong. Feinstein’s next dubious premise – that bulk collection is needed to prevent another 9/11 – is unproven and highly unlikely (not to mention its implications for the privacy protections of the Fourth Amendment).

Given the closed circle surrounding you, we are allowing for the possibility that the smell from these rotting red herrings has not yet reached you – even though your own Review Group has found, for example, that NSA’s bulk collection has thwarted exactly zero terrorist plots.

The sadder reality, Mr. President, is that NSA itself had enough information to prevent 9/11, but chose to sit on it rather than share it with the FBI or CIA. We know; we were there. We were witness to the many bureaucratic indignities that made NSA at least as culpable for pre-9/11 failures as are other U.S. intelligence agencies.

We prepared this Memorandum in an effort to ensure that you have a fuller picture as you grapple with what to do about NSA. What follows is just the tip of an iceberg of essential background information – much of it hidden until now – that goes to the core of serious issues now front and center.

Go read the whole thing and get pissed off.

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  1. Read it.
    Thanks for bringing this to my attention.


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