Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Level Of Willful Stupidity Here Is Staggering

This is a good example of just how fucking stupid some people are.
This is a full grown man, too.

BLM confirms suspect who carved name on Pompeys Pillar

BILLINGS - The Bureau of Land Management confirmed on Monday the name of the suspect - Cole Randall - who etched his and his wife's names on the Pompeys Pillar National Monument northeast of Billings.

The carving reads "Cole + Shpresa 10/10/2013" and includes a heart symbol, and was etched there on October 10, 2013.

The next day, MTN News reported that the two people involved in the etching are a folk singing duo from Minnesota that performs under the name "Flora Cash."


The press release states that on October 10, the Yellowstone County Sheriff's Department responded to an alarm set off at the monument.

A Sheriff's deputy contacted and identified two suspects in the area that potentially sounded off the alarm.

Alarms sound off regularly at the monument but rarely end in vandalism.

Nothing seemed out of the ordinary until BLM personnel climbed the boardwalk to conduct maintenance on October 17, and they noticed a new carving near William Clark's historic signature.

(My edit, William Clark as in LEWIS AND CLARK!)

After reviewing security camera footage, BLM law enforcement met with the Sheriff's deputies and confirmed the two suspects who set off the alarm on October 10th were also those vandalizing the monument.

BLM law enforcement has contacted Randall, who has admitted to carving on the monument.

Randall was told that a damage assessment will be conducted at the site to help determine the penalty for the vandalism.

The penalty could range up to a felony offense but is still unknown.

So they tracked this peckerhead down and now he's all sorry and shit, the best part is his old lady kept telling him not to but he did it any way.

Stupid fucking bastard.

Hang his ass out to dry for that bullshit.

Check out the signs he ignored.

So now, when anyone goes there and sees this;

They will also see this;

That kind of stupid should be extremely painful as a warning from nature.

Clark's engraving is the only physical evidence in the area proving that the expedition passed through there.

Sure, there are over 5,000 other engravings there from throughout the years but how ignorant do you have to be to not recognize that what you are doing is so very, very wrong in a historical context?

Pretty damn ignorant I'd say.

For Chrissakes, they have Clark's signature FRAMED IN GLASS on the rock!

H/T to FARK for pissing me off with this.

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