Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Really Joe?

He's right in a sense.

The average American seems to only care about their Constitutionally protected rights when they are being violated.

Other than that it's lah dee fucking daw, 24/7.

Of course now that we basically don't have any according to jack asses like him, it is up to the average American to pull their head out of the sand and start demanding them back.

I for one consider their end runs and bullshit legal maneuvering to be null and void.

Shall not be infringed is pretty straight forward and plain English to me, not that it makes a damn bit of difference to The Powers That Be, they get away with ignoring The Constitution every day now.

This is a pretty damning indictment of our Judiciary system in my eyes.

The Supreme Court has failed to do what it was sworn to do and has been corrupted to it's core.

The Citizens United decision should tell anyone that.
"Corporations are people too" was the end of the line with me.

So now the only option I see as an American citizen is to ignore these laws and go about my business.

Trying to change them back is not an option at this point,see the above statement about the Supreme Court.

They are bought and paid for.

If they truly believe that The Constitution is dead and irrelevant then I have some news for them, that means that those protections do not extend to them either, that's a two way street bitches.

I'm afraid the only solution at this point is going to be the same one that started this whole nation in the first place and the starting line was passed quite a while ago.

Our governments officials have had every opportunity to address these grievances yet are too drunk with power and are convinced of their invincibility at this point to even consider any alternative to the course they have set.

Here is another bit of news for them, revolutions happen all the time around the world, bloody and violent ones.

There is one going on right here and right now.

Sorry there was no declaration of war, I guess those are too archaic these days too.

Make no mistake, we are at war with our own government and they are currently winning.

More people need to wake up to this fact and when they do I can see a radically different outcome from what some see as inevitable.

Someone has seriously underestimated the power the American public holds in it's hands and are playing with fire.

When you finally reach critical mass and piss off enough people to the point that they feel they need to take action then not one of these apparatchik's are going to be safe and there is going to be fire involved alright.

In the mean time I think that keeping this in the back of your consciousness is wise.

Be aware that our government is waging war on it's own citizens and act accordingly.

Be aware that Joe Biden and his ilk are counting on you to remain complacent about The Constitution while they wage this war on you on multiple fronts.

Yes, you, personally.

You are not unique and you are not immune to their machinations.

You are just another data point on their list.

It's high time to throw the machine off balance.


  1. I hope you don't live in New Mexico.

    Saying stuff like that will get you a thorough anal probing around there.

  2. Joke all you want. Phil is right, we ARE at war with those in power. Not our government, that ceased to exist when they forgot they worked for us.
    I'm just shamed I'm not the leader this revolution needs to set things right.


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