Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I Ain't Afraid To Entertain People With My Ignorance

Poor Tam.

She must think I'm a complete fucking idiot.(Read the comments)

I will admit I am not real familiar with a lot of firearms but I am learning and if I occasionally come off as a complete dumbass I just chalk it up as part of the learning experience.

Like I said, I am not afraid to show my ignorance though.
People have been pointing at me and laughing for years, I'm used to it now.


  1. I just couldn't figure out which piece you were talking about at first. I should have looked closer. :(

    1. I would like to thank you Tam and your congenial commenters, for not flaming me into a cinder the minute I opened my uninformed yap.
      The opportunity was there and I'm sure it was tempting.
      You don't often run into a more decent crowd than you have over there on the internets anymore.
      I promise I will do my homework before I come over and start running off at the handle again. ;)

  2. I remember the smithinowski and wesonowksi revolver my dad showed me a picture of 40 years ago

  3. Don't feel bad getting smacked down over there. I read her every day, it is the big leagues with quite a loyal following of writers and experts. You are playing in Yankee Stadium. I learn a lot reading her blog entries, and her links usually go somewhere great. My blog is more of the neighborhood softball diamond. Set your beer by the first base line and go play center field. She would make a great n.c.o., I know I pay attention to detail when I comment there.

  4. Phil -- no problemo. I thought you'd appreciate the extra info. Didn't think you were a dumbass at all, just not familiar with carrying a 1911 cocked and locked.

    Besides, even if you were a dumbass, so long as you're willing to learn, there's a Hell of a lot more room under the tent than under the bus anyway! ;)


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