Sunday, October 20, 2013

Just Keep Telling Yourself, Corporations Are People Too.

Then explain to me how you put one in fucking jail.

JPMorgan reaches $13bn deal with US authorities

JPMorgan Chase has reached a tentative deal to pay $13bn to resolve state and federal investigations into its mis-selling of mortgage-backed securities, people familiar with the matter say....


  1. While I assume that J.P. Morgan Chase has the moral stature of slime mold, it's important to remember that the whole Mortgage meltdown started because a bunch of Politicians decided to meddle in the Mortgage market. You start by telling people that Banks are being unfair because they won't lend money to people who won't pay it back. Then you make it clear that if they don't change that, you're going to land on them with cleats. So they start lending money to bad bets. They can't just lend money to the Worthy Minorities you want them to lend to, because that would be discrimination. So suddenly every slack jawed loser out there can get a mortgage he can't possibly pay back, and the banks are running around trying to find a way to package this financial sewage in a way that will protect them when the crash comes. Everybody with the moral sense God gave a turnip gets the hell out of Banking, so what you have left is the cowboys and the morons. Any attempt to expose this sordid mess to the light of public inquiry is ruthlessly stamped out, right up until the whole thing explodes.

    And this is the fault of the BANKS?

    If there were any justice, people like Jesse Jackson, who started this sewage filled waterspout swirling, would be dangling from lamp posts, alongside every Congresswine who pushed it, and every pillock who turned a blind eye.

  2. You don't Bro! You have your P.A.C. grease some palms and it all goes away!


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