Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Halloween, Wanna See Something Scary?

Watch this guy process a deer in under two minutes.

If you are squeamish, don't bother coming around here.

This Blog isn't for pussies or little kids anyway.

BTW, Happy Birthday to my little brother BP.

Heh, little, the shithead outweighs me by damn near 90 pounds and is two inches taller than I am.
50 years ago I got my trick or treating cut short because of him and I still remember having to sit in the damn car at the hospital.

He turned out alright in the long run though, a real fish killin' machine and quite the finish carpenter.

Love ya dude.


  1. Man, did that guy blow out the hide before he began ? (Blow compressed air under the hide to loosen it from body). That WAS faster than hell. I've never had much luck opening the belly cavity with a hung deer, the insides are pressed up against the sternum and typically, a 'nick' happens, at least with me. Kid has some talent.

  2. I want him on my side in a knife fight.


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