Monday, October 28, 2013

Don't Think This Couldn't Happen Here.

Recall last Summer when someone went and shot up a bunch of power transformers down in California?

They never did catch whoever that was, either.

That was small potatoes friends, the authorities think it was the work of one individual.

The following story comes out of Mexico and is a picture perfect lesson on exactly what is actually achievable with a little planning and some determined sonsabitches getting serious about things.

Attackers in Mexico blow up nine electrical plants

By Tracy Wilkinson

October 27, 2013, 5:05 p.m.

MEXICO CITY -- Assailants early Sunday blew up at least nine electrical power plants in one of Mexico's largest states, triggering blackouts that gunmen then used as cover to torch gasoline stations, residents and authorities said.

The attacks in Michoacan state, west of the capital, did not cause deaths or serious injuries, authorities said. But they served as a pointed reminder of the strength of drug gangs and other criminals.

Shortly after midnight, attackers armed with Molotov cocktails almost simultaneously disabled electrical substations in at least nine cities and towns in Michoacan, plunging an estimated 1 million people into darkness. The power was out for 15 hours.

Gunmen then torched four gasoline stations, including two in the state capital of Morelia, a popular tourist destination.

Michoacan for years has been controlled either by the Knights Templar or its predecessor La Familia, cartels that specialize in methamphetamine exported to the United States and that have controlled many city halls and police departments. More recently, groups of citizens have taken up weapons to form self-defense squads against the traffickers.

It may have been one of these groups that briefly seized the city hall in the large town of Apatzingan, residents said.

Federal authorities said they were sending hundreds of police and military troops to reinforce security in the region. The attacks came barely two days after the state's governor, Fausto Vallejo, resumed duties after a long illness.

"The only thing we can conclude ... is that the organized criminals are winning the battle against federal and state authorities," Miguel Angel Chavez, head of the opposition National Action Party, told the Quadratin news agency, adding that the violence of the last 24 hours was a terrorist attack.

One million people without power for 15 hours.
I can't believe they got it all working in that time span so I will just assume they got a majority of it back up.

Still, a potential SHTF scenario if I ever saw one what with armed gunmen running around torching gas stations in a grid down situation.

Just to send a message.

There isn't fuck all stopping them from taking a leisurely stroll North of the border and repeating this little scenario either.


The North American Liberty Games may turn into just that, a whole fucking continent wide conflict.

Ain't that just something to look forward to?

You can bet your ass that the Goons in our government just had a shiver run down their spine and are thanking Someone that it wasn't up here, this time.
As a matter of fact they are due to have a practice run at this very scenario next month .

So there is your proof that it is VERY possible to take out large portions of the grid as some have postulated.

This could have some very interesting repercussions,here in Amerika.


  1. This stuff was a lot more fun when it was mostly theory. Seeing it in action is a whole 'nother animal. Makes me a lot more cautious when on the boat. Weird crap could come down and I'd not even notice until heading to shore for resupply.

  2. Multiple large plumes of smoke would be your sign to keep cruising for a bit.

  3. Substations are extremely vulnerable. Most are only surrounded by a chain link fence with a little barbed wire on top for decoration. Some shmucks fried their asses around here recently trying to steal copper wire from a sub... Conventional power plants are nearly as vulnerable, especially being run short staffed as hell like most are today. The gas yards that feed them are pretty damned easy to get at as well...


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