Saturday, September 28, 2013

No Rest For The Wicked

Even on my day off I am busier than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest.

My Dad is back in intensive care again, his 76th birthday is tomorrow, my Mom has some kind of wicked cold or flu and with her already being worried sick about my Dad, she is pretty much a basket case. To top that whole situation off, my niece, her husband and a one week old baby are living there with them.

I went to see my Pops and then went to see my 99 year old Granny in the nursing home.
The last four times I have been to see her she was out like a drunken sailor on a Saturday night, there was no waking her and she doesn't know who ya are anymore anyway. She was actually awake today and we had a nice visit, for what it's worth.

At least she knew someone was there to see her..

I called my youngest daughter because I hadn't heard whether or not her fucking car passed emissions after I spent $250 on oxygen sensors, fuck no.
The day after she left here the fucking check engine light came back on.
So, I told her to come back over so I can see why that is on again.

If it's the oxygen sensor codes again then it is either the computer seeing something I don't or the wiring is fucked up.

Either way that means a trip to the fucking Dealership.
My ass is bleeding just contemplating that possibility.

I got the screening over the holes in the house foundation covered up again after the cats decided they wanted a daylight basement option. That involved drilling holes in the concrete.

My back is killing me from that and I had the boy and his cousin help me build a set of shelves, more of a small cabinet yesterday for the garage.

I know I am forgetting something but it is all starting to blur together at this point.
Oh, yeah, the weather.
It is raining sideways and the wind is absolutely fucking howling outside.

I got behind a semi getting on the bridge headed to Oregon and that sumbitch was all over the road.

It didn't take long for the wind to start pushing me around too so instead of being the first one at the site of a tip over I went ahead and went around that guy.

Someone at the store said we were supposed to get about ten inches of rain around here in the next few days.
While not unheard of around here, I have seen it dump a solid half inch of rain in less than a half hour, I will believe it when I see it.

So if it gets a bit quiet around here it probably just means that I have finally fallen over dead exhausted.

Y'all have a nice day and thanks fer stopping by.


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