Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Debunking The Media Lie That No Mass Shooting Was Ever Stopped By An Armed Citizen

I have been seeing this bald faced lie repeatedly the last couple of days and it needs to be rebutted, hard.

The cocksuckers in the media are hammering the anti gun agenda and they are using blatant lies coupled with subtly biased graphics and commentary.

The following is a list of NINE TEN potential mass shootings that were stopped cold by either armed private citizens or law enforcement officers.

Pass this around and shove the nearest gun grabbers face in it.

1. The Pearl High School shooting.

2. The Parker Middle School dance shooting.

3. The Appalachian School of Law shooting.

4. The New Life Church shooting.

5. The Trolley Square shooting.

6. The Golden Market shooting.

7. The New York Mills AT&T store shooting.

8. The Clackamas Town Center shooting.

9. The San Antonio Theater shooting.


My thanks to Robert The Biker in the comments for reminding me of the Fort Hood Shooting that was stopped by a lady MP.

10. The Fort Hood Shooting.

That's an even ten.

H/T to FARK for the link to BUZZFEED.


  1. Not to forget Fort Hood, though the lady in question was an MP and therefore not civilian.

    1. Thanks for the reminder.
      That makes an even ten.
      I'll update the post.


  2. It's like arguing that we don't need a fire department because there have been no major fires -forgetting all the little fires that were put out.


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