Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Confusion Concerning The Gun Blog Black List Revised Edition

Somehow the old one disappeared but it is back now.

Check it, here is the link.
If you are a Second Amendment Blogger, you should be on that list.

If you aren't get in touch,the info is at the Blog.
Unfortunately, his extensive Bloglist did not magically reappear and he is still trying to piece it back together.
If you are on that list or are planning on it, you should also be kind enough to do a little reciprocity and proudly put his Logo on your own Blog somewhere.


As of this morning, there is now a new development.

I originally found out about the GBBL being deleted here.
I left a comment and then saw this in the comment section.

The New Gun Blog Black List Is Here:

I tried with no success to find the original site, so this is where I linked to and put up the graphic to link to also.
Then this morning, I see this comment has been added;

North said...

The GBBL is run by someone else. All that was done was that someone made a copy and worked to get people to link to them.

Do not use my graphics to point to any blog other than

My bold.

OOOOOKay then!
I am cornfused as they say.

I can certainly respect Mr. North's objections and have removed the graphic with the link to the other site.

The ORIGINAL Gun Blog Black List is back, HERE.

Where it went and how it came back is beyond me.

The NEW GBBL has been renamed and is called Great Gun Blogs.

Keep up with me here because this is a fucking mess.
I am half tempted to delete this whole fucking post.


  1. Mike Miles stole all of the work from the GBBL. It wasn't his effort to begin with.

    Please link to the real GBBL, not the rip-off copy.

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one confused by this. Let me know what's going on when the dust settles.

  3. Well just to _try_ to clear things up a bit:

    I deleted my "North" blog as I hadn't posted content for about a year.

    I let other people take over control of the GBBL.

    Mike duplicated GBBL. I strongly objected to his use of my copyright pictures/graphics. Used them with links to his blog. He promptly removed them.

    Somebody complained that my "new GBBL" excluded people. I got a storm of complaints from idiots. It wan't my copy of the GBBL to complain about.

    The GBBL is still there where it was. Mike's site is another list of blogs.

    1. Thanks for swinging by and clearing that up for us North, I really appreciate it.

      Hopefully I have it straightened out on my end and the right links go to the right sites.
      I know I fixed the link to your graphic right away when you said something about it.

      Good luck in your next endeavor and stop by once in a while!


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