Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What A Surprise, The Narrative On The Shoot Out With Boston Bombers Was Spun, Hard.

Oh those poor gullible official stenographers.
Punk'd again.

I kind of lost track but I think revision V4.0 is in the works.

The way the nation met 33-year-old MBTA Transit Police officer Richard Donohue was — like much of the conflicting information from that night of mayhem in Watertown, Massachusetts — violent, fast, and scary: He was exchanging fire with the Tsarnaev brothers, the story went, and he took a gun shot to his right thigh from the Boston bombing suspects — an injury that would see Donohue lose all of his own blood, sever three blood vessels, send him into cardiac arrest, and almost die. Now comes a more complete picture, with more eyewitnesses telling a new story, that Donohue was probably shot by a fellow police officer.

"A black SUV appeared, and rapid gun fire was focused on the vehicle," Dyson wrote in a statement provided to the Globe, referring to the vehicle Tsarnaev allegedly drove in his escape. "It appeared to me that an individual at the corner [of the street] fell to the ground and had probably been hit in the gunfire."

Dyson's account of the guns-blazing getaway seems to indicate that Donohue was shot while Dzhokhar was fleeing (and running over his brother) and that the gunfire was one-way, not an exchange between the suspects and the cops. Indeed, the Globe reports that the Tsarnaev brothers were no longer armed as Dzhokhar drove away, which would seem to align with updated reports about the next day that the younger Tsarnaev brother was not, in fact, armed when authorities captured him in a Watertown boat.

"Two witnesses support Dyson's account that Donohue appeared to be wounded in the final volley of shots fired at the fleeing younger suspect."

That is three eyewitness contradicting the "Official Narrative".

What can we learn from this kiddies?

Never trust what is being disseminated by the news corporations in this country at first blush.

There is always, and I mean ALWAYS, some kind of prejudice contaminating it.

It is flat out impossible these days to get objective news on anything, there is an agenda to be followed, even if the truth has to be twisted into knots to do it.

I don't care what they are talking about either, there is always some kind of spin attached.

Some guy with a couple of guns and four boxes of ammo being portrayed as having an "arsenal" seems to be popular these days.

What is most telling about this agenda, is what isn't reported or the priority and repetition of certain news events.

Look at the difference between the Boston bombing news coverage and the Texas fertilizer plant blast, which was far more devastating.

On top of this manipulation is the 24 hour news cycle that has been implemented in this country.

If you want to see a perfect example of how our government takes advantage of it's ability to manipulate the news cycle, just start paying attention to the Late Friday News Dump that the government uses to try and hide news items it doesn't want highlited or overly noticed.

They have been doing that for years and years now.

Always remember that all the information made available to you through any Main Stream Media outlet has been vetted and run through a filter, all of it.

The story above is all the proof I need to make my point.

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